Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maybe I DO love Charlie Crist




Missed this one.


If you're in a group, you're part of a gang.

Let's see ... would that be people who LIVE RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO EACH OTHER and then also scum out with folks down the road and cover ALL OF TAMPA and MOST OF THE UNITED STATES WITH THEIR FIRE DEPT LOGOS??????????????????????/

Yes, that would be a GROUP AND A GANG.

You all have several problems as I see them. a. it's REAL obvious I'm the ONLY PERSON in this hood that ain't IN DA GANG. *SELFISH FUCKFACES

b. OH MY GOD does your fearless, feckless leader KNOW that he's facing LIFE in prison??

Well, he and I BOTH DO NOW. And she. OH and does BILL what's his name know that not only won't he get his gun back in prison but his wife won't HAVE to visit him and LIFE IS A LONG FUCKING TIME AND A LONG WAY FROM INDIAN ROCKS??!?!?!

Because, just like with PAM he takes FULL RESPONSIBILITY for you dirty bastards.

He's DA CHIEF AFTER ALL, ain't he???



Shorty will like prison. It will be right up his back alley.

FIremen Overland Park Kansas STALKERS PERPS

katileen wrote:
I have also been gang stalked for about six years. I would like to talk to Pam Mata because I live in the suburb of Kansas City. It would nice to have a support group in this area and try to find others in our area to help support each other. Pam my e-mail is can't find anyone who will believe me and I have been labled mentally ill. The funny thing is, is that my cats and see and hear what I can only hear. I guess I need to take my cats to a therapist also. We, me and my cats, became mentally ill at the same time

I, too, have been harassed by these idiots, jerks and fools. I attribute this to an instance where I inadvertently angered ...irritated the fire department in a suburb of Kansas City....OK, I'll name it: OVERLAND PARK KANSAS. The OP Fire Department has definitely got a rogue that engages in organized stalking/harassment of its own citizens...and citizens of other cities. Fire Departments are quite the "brotherhood" and definitely have the ability to "nationalize" this stalking activity. They have received so much money from Homeland Security. They have been raised to an exulted status since 9/11 when so many of their "brethren" heroically gave their lives. Unfortunately for those honest and pure firefighters, a dark subculture raised its ugly head and cashed in on the national mood which so feared our security and so clearly gave complete trust as well as power (and great amounts of money) to fire departments across the land. This subculture of the scum elements one can find in any profession, but never have such scum had such a green light/open door to infringe on people's liberties as has the firefighter. The amazing abilities of these organized stalkers to follow the target across state lines from one end of the country to the other can only be accomplished by the fire department. Just a call to the next city or county's fire department is all that is needed to alert those who have entangled their department and their own honor within this dark side of "homeland Security". Hence, the stalking continues from one department to another as the target makes his/her way across city/county and state lines. In some areas I am sure they have organized innocent citizens through Neighborhood watch groups, subdivision homeowners associations and other well-meaning individuals who believe whart they are told by these heroes "the firefighter". I imagine that these innocent civilians believe that the target they spend so much time watching is a true threat to their community...perhaps a drug dealer or maybe a pedophile, whatever this lowly group of individuals has determined would be sufficient to engage the group to do their dirty work. THIS is the group that MUST be examined and investigated! Here is where you will find the answers to so many of the questions raised about gang stalking/organized harassment. THERE is the money (although it is your money: tax dollars). THERE...within fire departments around the country, is the answer to HOW there can be such a network of stalkers. FIRE DEPARTMENT!!! Though these groups represent probably a minority within this noble profession, they must be PURGED and made to face the consequences of their actions:PRISON sounds reasonable to me. Please, let everyone you know that this must be investigated. WHERE IS HOMELAND SECURITY MONEY flowing? How is it being used? Who is in charge of overseeing citizen watch groups? Be kind to firefighters because most are honest and do not engage in this lawless activity...yet even the good firefighter must open up about this rogue criminal element. We all should attempt to shine a light on the underbelly of society...even if it shatters our illusions about our traditional heroes.

SO I get that YOU HEROES are good at making people look mentally ill.

Yea ummm NOT SO MUCH, huh??????

Then you get desperate.





Have yourself a merry little PRISON STAY. LET YOUR THOUGHTS RUN WILD.



SO much for amnesty.
You saw someone smaller than you and got out your trusty lunchboxes.

I do not any longer care what happens to ANY OF YOU.


Robert's Court


Robert ... Thank you.

Just when I need one of you guys to .... stand up.

There you are.

I know you've been standing all along.

I just needed to be able to show people.

More later.

Death Penalty going BYE BYE ???

The death penalty is no laughing matter.


YAY. the death penalty is a HATE CRIME. Just ask the sheriffs of florida to DISINVITE their sanctioned gangs and we'll be FINE AGAIN. All this started with jeb666. We CAN end it.

They act like it's a race thing but yep, look at the stats. There are MORE whites on death row than blacks. Basically it's people who really cross up or cross the line.

BUT when someone else starts it ... like some city scumbag sending some blowjob scumbag and some biker scumbag to help the other city and county pigs FUCK OVER innocent citizens.. yknow ... if the law will do nothing to protect the citizens the citizens have no recourse but to ... TALK ABOUT IT. Asked nicely for you assholes to stop. You could have. You sent SOME GOON TO MY DOOR to tell me I would regret not talking to you. WHEN I was grieving. What is that? A fucking specialty???
Anyway ... I still don't believe in the death penalty. I want the fucker alive to read my MAIL EVERY DAY. He doesn't even KNOW ME he has no business fucking with myself and my health. Ergo ::: LIFE IN PRISON.

WE CAN get rid of all this nastiness. We just need NEW SHERIFFS.
Incidentally does anyone ELSE think it's weird that RICHARD NUGENT'S MUCH DISCUSSED REPLACEMENT ended up DEAD?????????????????????????
Can't have richard replaced. Richard has been .... generous with his sympathy.

Yeah I know some other sheriffs like Richard. hmmmmm


Death penalty a price too high.

Also THIS will remind you of the Tampa cops and the murders around Tampa. They didn't get THIS guy but they DID try. THere's still 'complications' from surgery or 'infections from a hospital'. yknow.

THIS IS WHY YALL ARE CALLED PIGS. NOT ALL OF YOU ... but if you're not pigs you seem to end up in caskets.


Oh ywah I DID enjoy how the FBI MISSING PILOT popped up with the publix funeral stuff.

Sometimes you're ON IT. Amazing no matter what time of day I'm reading the paper the updates will FLY AT ME.

Any comment on that, Eric(s)????

Eric actually seems like a cool guy but comes off sometimes as a hater. Or maybe it's just that he hange with haters???

I dunno but the black people were CRAZY enough to give roger's park golf course to the Y and now they are well and truly screwed.

Good luck wid dat.

You DO see how that's only for show and you'll end up with nothing, right??

Yes IT IS my business. My daddy golfed there WITH YOUR DADDY. so shaddup.

We can ALWAYS smell them

First of all, we at Vox aren't heartless, we've just witnessed NUMEROUS, NUMEROUS false wrecks.(no sound, rust already forming on the bodies, crash test dummy wrekcers standing by after they dump the shit off .. thanks for all the fun just fucking get your wallet out or since you're too pathetic to ask .. figure out what i want on your own more on this at end of post) I'll show you the photos of one that the firemen set up just over a month ago. A guy actually plowed in to a tree. Same day. NOW what are the chances?? We go to the WestShore District for a moment (NUMBER EIGHT FIRE STATION NEVER FAILS TO REPRESENT call us crazy but we think it's the JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI GROUP. They're awesome ... way to represent, bitches) and ... so when the NUMBER EIGHT fire truck came racing up the road as they do EVERY TIME EVERY TIME we go to Intl Mall which believe me is more often than I'd like .... our first reaction is to laugh.

Here's this guy LAYING IN THE ROAD. JUST LAYING THERE. Same day, mind you. Seriously.. WHAT are the chances??? SERIOUSLY. Within fifteen minutes of each other we see TWO SEEMINGLY HORRIBLE INCIDENTS. All documented, of course.

But, more on that with the pics and video, you'll see what I mean some lady with one of those frigging fish symbols and a JAYSUS tag leaning over to pick this guy up. IT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY. The way it was staged.
He was an obvious mason, number one.

Number two. NO ONE there saw anything. NO ONE. *but from the church parking lot where we pulled in to document suddenly six cars came out of nowhere as witnesses or ummm liars, I mean. The guy went in the street and laid down. END OF STORY. They were just too slow about it.

He was just lying in the middle of the street. BUT, somehow the fire engine knew enough about it so that THE MOMENT we pulled out of Jefferson they swang up with a fresh siren. Honest to god it's so fucking stupid they shouid PAY ME for the video so they can UP THEIR ACT a tad. They're pissed. They're threatening us and others AND NOW it looks like they've set up this whole dealio. Citizen videos carwreck (out of nowhere just thought it was a good idea... umm hmmm)

Anyway, where was I?? Oh yeah ... Publix, Semi, Videotaping. All common subjects in the vox world. Shopping/stalking SEMI THREATS, PUBLIX SEMI, videotaping. Is this calling our name or WHAT?? We'll stop when YOU STOP. STOP. Just back away.

I KNEW I COULD SMELL IT. They're lost for a solution to a person inside enough to know what the fuck they're up to but apparently OUTSIDE ENOUGH that they think they can fuck us over like the rest of the marks in Florida. I'm sure they've done this many many times. In fact, I am POSITIVE and have documented this.

SO ... check this out .... read the comments. LMAO. Because there are about four hundred fifty ways to video and document that DO NOT involve the hands.

Also ... the Publix xect. Also the SEMI TRUCK. Numerous semi truck threats lately.

(oh and smelly, how you likin that, so far? anytime you're in my yard and by you I mean ANY of those nasty mf'ers you run with plus your dark friends and by that i don't mean black people .. LOL but anytime you do anything that bothers me or anyone I know I'm going to put something so far inside your bubble that your friend in TN will feel it. LMAO)

Anyway ... I didn't really pay too much attention to this but when they CONTINUED to sensationalise it AND I remembered that despite THAT ONE COLUMN of dan ruth's that I read the scientologists seem to be running the st pete times I read through the bullshit.

It's lies. Read the stories carefully. First the 'guy witness' is working across the street and then the trooper is giving him 'advice on how to use his pictures' and then he is 'walking back to his car'.THE COMMENTERS: OH they want the chick PUNISHED for videotaping. LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFFFFFFFF.


So .. kudos to window who spotted this yesterday but I never had a chance to look it over. He called this one right.

It's over people. You lost. You really CANNOT KILL EVERYONE.

Just have that motherfucker keep his ass up off my property and my belongings and PAY THE PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO.

And keep the ugly people at bay. They smell like murder to me. Makes me want to vomit on them.

Nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home.

I know ya hate being outsmarted but .. hey, ya have been.
Now, we're in an ugly place.





Is this trucker related to oscarnot who paintes his roof the same color as you know??? LMAO. LMAO.

Yeah I caught it ... I just don't give a fuck to let YOU know ... and there you have it.

Ya followed us around the globe and what did you get?


my oh my have a WONDERFUL DAY.

Ms. Fernandez please find new scum to hang with.

First you're a student on the way home and then you have to get to work.


what i want: yes yes I realize you are trying to tie our health, safety, peace of mind, orderly life, extracurricular activities and education and god knows too much shit to list ... and boring to 'giving me what i want' but the thing is you ain't done shit for me ... NOPE and if you think you count ANY of that on lists i give you credit for you got life fucked up. I watched you pass laws against things we do because you're AFRAID OF US. So ... whatever. None of that is up to you because guess what? You're only running things because other people let you but I didn't sign that list.



Favor Factory 2008 quick look at your congress person and WHERE they send your money and who gives them money frequently the same names on both lists. Have a look.
suggested email signature: NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA
may have read this email without warning,
warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or
legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection
save to call for the impeachment of the current President.
ERACISM: ALL colors with love and respect.

"This Act (the Federal Reserve Act, Dec. 23rd 1913) establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President (Woodrow Wilson) signs the Bill, the invisible government of the Monetary Power will be legalised... The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency Bill."
Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.

Tampa Firemen and Other Firemen Fire Brigade: NeoNazis

Follow along with Tampa Stalking HERE.

The DOCUMENTED TRUTH about Masons and Shriners (part of it )

I've saved some sunlight
if you should ever need
a place away from darkness
where your mind can feed.
from Rod McKuen's "I've Saved The Summer"

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.
We have guided missiles and misguided men.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

Make today COUNT.
Go to to find the phone numbers of your Senators and Representative.
Live Vote for Impeachment
Brought to you LIVE from THE TAMPA NAIL HOUSE ... : Proud members of the drive-by media (just like Thomas Paine, father of America)

... located in the midtown desired redevelopment center just one block from the river.
The City of Tampa and it's assorted city-sanctioned gang members need this property because it's in the middle of land they intend to develop for gambling facilities.
LaS VEgas here in Tampa : Ta-Vegas or Tam-Gas.
But it's going to cost YOU a helluva lot of money as they defend their criminal acts in federal court due to what they are doing to my family and I in
the process of attempting to steal our home.

Terrorist,"Cause" and Gang Stalking Perpetrated by Tampa Firemen and other Firemen -- revealed and written about.

Some more threats from Tampa firemen (we'll just drive by your burning house if we know who you are) no kidding? I would NEVER have guessed that !
More mention of Firefighter and Police participation in gang-stalking
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Blanks and Charges

Okay, tell me if this sounds mercenary. I'm leaving out names and identities for now, and even some words to protect those who frankly don't deserve protection but having never been a RAT (like some) I just don't feel good about spilling people's filthy sides of their lives onto the WWW...

However -- (you knew this was coming, right??) -- I'm willing to disclose same for a fee. In fact, I'm going to disclose some of this in a book which will definitely be for sale very soon but if you'd like to know if your name or some similar aspect that identifies your smarmy and illegal acts towards me and my family have been mentioned I'd be happy to negotiate a fee with you. For the record, save your pennies if I've known you longer than thirty years. Out of respect for you and your family I'll leave your names out. Out of respect for you and your family I have remained silent. Apparently this same respect was not inbred in you. That's a pity but you and yours are safe with me. The ones who took it upon themselves to do your bidding against an innocent family are wide open just like they've left MY family wide open. Herewith I refer to my extended family and network many of whom are currently suffering at your hands. Be on notice.

Bush McCain Huggy Bears 2008

Bush McCain Huggy Bears 2008
Blast Off's Huggy Bear Pic Challenge

A Nation in DISTRESS

A Nation in DISTRESS


In my living room watching;
but I am not laughing ....

..... risk something, take back what's yours
say something that you know they might attack you for
cause I'm sick of being treated like I have before ....
Meanwhile, the leader just talks away
Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay
And the rest of the world watching at the end of the day

In their living room laughing like,

"what did he say?"

Fight the Good Fight

" .... courage is humankind's cardinal virtue, because ''it makes all other virtues possible."
Reverend William Sloane Coffin

......" And I dare you to ask for a lot, I dare you to hold fast to your ideals and to expound them as publicly and as fearlessly as Martin Luther King and Bill Coffin and Betty Friedan and those dozens of grandmothers arrested a few weeks ago for protesting the war in Iraq."

Francine du Plessix Gray


MainSTREAMMedia=Bush Propaganda Machine

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Tis nobler to lose honor to save the lives of men than it is to gain honor by taking them.

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You cannot win a War on Terrorism. It’s like having a war on jealousy.

~David Cross

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Fight Child Protective Services False Accusations

Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations

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