Saturday, February 28, 2009

When your world comes crashing down ....

it don't mean SHIT to me.

Do you remember ME?

I want to be there.

Price of a life by Scientologists and Tampa Firemen

Huh. I'm glad my objectivity HOLDS. Cause ... I thought it was just due to my experience with this asshole sending hitmen my way, endangering me on the interstate, (SOILTECH nice video of the stupid ass ON YOUR TEAM cutting off another of your team members and almost killing him damn yall can be stupider but I don't KNOW HOW) anyway ... it's not just me.

(and this does not look good for the lady down in .... what's that place MO???? AND it really REALLY REALLY does not look good for the robed fellow who declined to drag your skank ass in there and then imprison you for you are a dangerous and seedy little fellow and now thanks to YOUR STUPIDITY I have a PASS FOR LIFE and so does everyone in my family so THANK YOU VERY MUCH be sure to keep a good eye on us)

UPDATE: It gets better... NOTE the copy below also saved to my files .... THEN while I'm reading along comes 'tom' (hey I miss you too, honey) and libertarian observer (and they wonder why they can't find success in public office hey tony) come along and type their aspersions. Seriously go check it out. It's REALLY OBVIOUS that the TIMES HAS SOMEONE SITTING THERE which has NEVER happened, updating comments (just like the tribune HEY TOMMY) on a SATURDAY??? ooopps get the payroll records straight, masons and scientologists. Listen people, if you have to murder, steal and cheat to get where your skank asses are headed ... you ain't SHIT. NOT SHIT. And, may I remind you that you've ALREADY LOST??? SO ya need to learn to deal wid dat.

I think crappy old john graziano, an OBVIOUS GANGSTER who was good friends with da other gangstas from Robinson High School and still is some of them (yeah yeah I got PEOPLE TOO)

is being paid to fake this ... ALL OF IT. It will be a big misunderstanding you know...

At any rate... HOW is it that a murder-for-hire person always gets hooked up with a COP?? It's just not believable ... they should be smarter like david gee and nugent and others like the tome brothers ... (LMAO) and car wreck the person or yknow GET THEM DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER. FUCKERS. MURDERING FUCKERS. You know when you do shit like this you are only displaying your weaknesses, correct?? Yep.

Let's see if any other comments get approved ON SATURDAY MORNING. It's okay Mr. Poynter, I know you are rolling in your grave. Kick off the traces and go haunt some of these swinepigs.

So, what's the going rate for a hit man? Not much, apparently
Michael Kruse, Times Staff Writer In Print: Saturday, February 28, 2009
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$(document).ready(function() {
A check for $1,000, another $1,100 in cash, a gift card to Westshore Pizza for $13.06.
To kill someone?
That's the sum authorities say Edward Graziano of Palm Harbor paid a man to kill his wife. The man ended up being an undercover Pinellas County deputy. Graziano was charged Thursday with murder solicitation.
The price for the hit sounds low.
It's not.
"It didn't strike me as low, to be quite candid," longtime Pasco County prosecutor Mike Halkitis said Friday from his office in New Port Richey.
"I've heard of people killed for as little as a carton of cigarettes," retired prosecutor Bob Dekle said from Gainesville. He worked out of Lake City for 30 years and prosecuted Ted Bundy. He now teaches at the University of Florida's law school. "I wish I had kept a list," he said, "of all the piddling amounts people killed for."
There's no going rate for so-called contract killings or murder-for-hire schemes. Sometimes the sums are next to nothing. Sometimes they're six figures.
Also important to keep in mind here is that in many cases — including the Graziano case — the "hit man" is really an undercover law enforcement officer. They might throw out a low-ball offer just to get an arrest.
The Australian Institute of Criminology five years ago released a study on 163 attempted contract killings in that country between 1989 and 2002. The lowest price was $250. The highest was almost $50,000. The average was $8,200.
A wealthy socialite in Texas once offered an undercover investigator $200,000 in jewels as a down payment to kill her husband — but the same investigator on another occasion was offered seven Atari computer games, three dollar bills and $2.30 in nickels and dimes. A teenage boy wanted him to kill a classmate who liked the same girl.
Here in Florida, a 60-year-old woman in Tavares admitted in 2007 that she was part of a plot to kill her son's wife, his two teenage stepchildren and his daughter. She had agreed to pay $400. A hundred a head.
But a contract killing isn't about the value of a life. It's a business transaction.
"It's based on the level of sophistication of the players involved," UF law professor and former Tampa federal prosecutor Mike Seigel said Friday.
More than that, said Don Barbee, the lead prosecutor in Hernando County, "a lot of it depends on the socioeconomic status of the parties involved."
In other words, the more the employer has, the more money he can offer.
Meanwhile, for the employee, it's a question of time and effort.
"It's very simple," said the head of the economics department at the University of South Florida.
Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong teaches a class called the economics of crime. He said Friday that a contract killing is like anything else. It's a cost-benefit equation inside the head of the individual who has to decide whether to murder for money.
And anyone who's thinking about it, he said, is almost by definition not thinking about the life involved. The variables look more like this: What are the chances of getting caught? How much money is at stake?
It doesn't take long to kill somebody. Or at least it doesn't have to. Looked at like that, $2,100 and a pizza pie, too, doesn't seem like a bad rate.
Times researcher Shirl Kennedy contributed to this report, which also used information from the Orlando Sentinel, Texas Monthly and Slate. [Last modified: Feb 28, 2009 08:48 AM]
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Comments on this article
by matt
Feb 28, 2009 09:29 AM
this a tasteless article. It makes little the act of murder. What's up with the last line? "It doesn't take long to kill somebody. Or at least it doesn't have to. Looked at like that, $2,100 and a pizza pie, too, doesn't seem like a bad rate."
by Pete
Feb 28, 2009 07:46 AM
Graziano, if it sounds too good to be true, which it certainly did, then it probably is. I'd say having a police officer attached qualifies as exactly that. Even the criminals gets scammed in this day and age. Mrs G, watch your back.
by Gene
Feb 28, 2009 07:13 AM
I reckon if one looks at it strickly from an hourly rate, it might be considered the most some of these folks will ever earn in an hour.
by george
Feb 28, 2009 05:34 AM
nice article times, I hate to think someone would adhere to your ecomonist pholosphy in these trying times!
by Rick
Feb 28, 2009 03:06 AM
Okay. Now I'll be ready for the time when a bag of double coupons is thrown in with a slightly used recliner, a six pack, and a set of re-treads.
by voxy
Feb 28, 2009 12:13 AM
this is a sick article which is written snidely. I wish you knew my former neighbor who has sent two hitmen my way. You might slant this differently.


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Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.

Tampa Firemen and Other Firemen Fire Brigade: NeoNazis

Follow along with Tampa Stalking HERE.

The DOCUMENTED TRUTH about Masons and Shriners (part of it )

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if you should ever need
a place away from darkness
where your mind can feed.
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Live Vote for Impeachment
Brought to you LIVE from THE TAMPA NAIL HOUSE ... : Proud members of the drive-by media (just like Thomas Paine, father of America)

... located in the midtown desired redevelopment center just one block from the river.
The City of Tampa and it's assorted city-sanctioned gang members need this property because it's in the middle of land they intend to develop for gambling facilities.
LaS VEgas here in Tampa : Ta-Vegas or Tam-Gas.
But it's going to cost YOU a helluva lot of money as they defend their criminal acts in federal court due to what they are doing to my family and I in
the process of attempting to steal our home.

Terrorist,"Cause" and Gang Stalking Perpetrated by Tampa Firemen and other Firemen -- revealed and written about.

Some more threats from Tampa firemen (we'll just drive by your burning house if we know who you are) no kidding? I would NEVER have guessed that !
More mention of Firefighter and Police participation in gang-stalking
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The Gang Pattern of below

Here we go again ... such losers.

Soon as I open the door ... here's the all-new loser hitman. Left his car behind this time. Amazingly enough your boy came out the door (and when I say BOY I MEAN BOY he's white black haters so give it a rest) and LMAO checked his mail. THIS is his big ummmm significant way of letting me know he's WATCHING ME.

Wow what a turn on.

AND, he is capable of OH MY GOD TRICKING A DOG .... but that takes two, sometimes three of the idiots.

Too bad you hung this on Weston's fence. I sooo pictured you being led around with a leash by your wife.
At any rate ... I KNOW you have a dog-collar fetish because that's the first one I've ever found that you've stolen so I guess this is your all-new, all-improved GANG SIGN.

Wow, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo impressed.

It's just like having the fireman's nephew back.

ooooopppp another connection.

Does this mean you're part of the same group .... errrrrr gang?????

Yes it does.

Enjoy prison, fuckface.

It's not going to look good when all that footage of TPD lavishing time all over your crack house breaks, is it???


Hey, incidentally, for the interested parties ..... it took me a bit of time BUT I did FINALLY get a minor mynah bird in the circle.

And if tu hablar de espanol and wish to test send a bigger puta, hefe.

Like I said.... ooooohhhh anything happens to me or anyone I know or love ... you and weston .... ouchie aye caramba ....


I'd love to be in on a meeting of THOSE minds.

Now, that I've only gotten a couple of times.

BUT, they were really, really good times.

It's not who ya know, it's who ya blow.

Am I right????

Ya really need to fuck off, shorty.

Huh, hey Tome you have anything to add to this???

Wow, that's a MIGHTY HIGH BAIL.

I'mm sure you'd have to cough up so MUCH considering the losers you've sent SO FAR.

Because ... ummmm your home address is relatively easy to find. WHy do your hit men friends keep coming to MINE??

You do realize where this leave you at, right??

Better keep a good eye on me. Anything goes akilter and miss stand in the way of progress won't do you a bit of good.

You have LOTS OF BALLS fucking with children.


I don't even believe this article anyway.

Just wanted to remind you that I'm not fucking afraid of you or your tattood fuckers who are obviously afraid of US.

L M A O.

How's your wife??

Blanks and Charges

Okay, tell me if this sounds mercenary. I'm leaving out names and identities for now, and even some words to protect those who frankly don't deserve protection but having never been a RAT (like some) I just don't feel good about spilling people's filthy sides of their lives onto the WWW...

However -- (you knew this was coming, right??) -- I'm willing to disclose same for a fee. In fact, I'm going to disclose some of this in a book which will definitely be for sale very soon but if you'd like to know if your name or some similar aspect that identifies your smarmy and illegal acts towards me and my family have been mentioned I'd be happy to negotiate a fee with you. For the record, save your pennies if I've known you longer than thirty years. Out of respect for you and your family I'll leave your names out. Out of respect for you and your family I have remained silent. Apparently this same respect was not inbred in you. That's a pity but you and yours are safe with me. The ones who took it upon themselves to do your bidding against an innocent family are wide open just like they've left MY family wide open. Herewith I refer to my extended family and network many of whom are currently suffering at your hands. Be on notice.

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Bush McCain Huggy Bears 2008
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A Nation in DISTRESS


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