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Car fire or STATUS POLISHING by tampa fire rescue??

Let's have a HARD LOOK AT JUST TWO CALLS by the Tampa Fire Rescue and a repeat avowal that the evidence of stalking and murder is AVAILABLE. But the corrupt fire marshals are IN ON THIS. The last FBI investigation PLANTED CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS IN THIS SPOT. And, they're armed. Stay away from them.

We've mentioned at least TEN fake wrecks that the Hillsborough County and Tampa FIre Rescue have participated in with special KUDOS to Station 8 who actually laid an old guy down in the road and had his old lady church friend pretend he had been run over. He had to lay there a LONG TIME (ON YOUR DIME) because we were bullshitting around before we drove back down Cypress where they then RACED TO from the corner where they were idling. FuckWADS. So, we got there first and pulled in to take pictures. What the witnesses said was just hysterical. This was almost a year ago. Even a child was laughing. THese carnies will never win an oscar.

Now, since Tampa FIRE RESCUE PARAMEDICS are being investigated for child porn and have scaled back their stalking due to noticeable efforts to see whether they are doing so or not (I have all the video to PROVE what they were doing along with the fact that IT SUDDENLY ABATED I think along about the same time a local station started paying attention)

The reason they are being investigated for child porn is likely two-prong. First they are FUCKING PERVERTS. Why else would a young girl be welcome to hang out around a street corner adjacent to them LEERING (shorty is gone though) 12 out of 24 hours PLUS????

The other reason is that they are responsible for planting porn on computers and cellphones.

Oh, here they go again talking trash about OUR HEROES.


Don't foreget Adam Dinofsky.

Don't forget that they're keeping MUM about the LATEST FBI TAMPA FIRE RESCUE CHILD PORN INVESTIGATION.NOthing about this in EITHER bay area 'newspaper' or any of the ones owned by Mr. Bill IRAT STICKS OF FIRE FAME. IRAT: irish republican army TAMPA. You'll see that a lot throughout this: connections to the RAT BASTARDS at the United State's Attorney's Office. The good news: There are those among them who do not care for RAT BASTARDS.

Meet Thomas Moreno.

Mr. Moreno is a Verizon employee, inventor, local(at least) slumlord and a SNOOP who has invented a program to frontdoor into peoples' data and .... TA DA ... without their knowledge TAMPER WITH FILES. This means upload AND download data from private users' computers. I know more than a little about unix and servers and spy capabilities and it's long been my observation that people are the victims of child porn being planted on their computers and on their cellphones. WHO PROFITS FROM THIS??? TOO MANY PEOPLE TO LIST HERE

Not to mention the puerto rican sluts and their pimps from New York who feel it is their sworn duty to obey the masons on the bench in dowtown tampa and tempt youth into all kinds of compromising positions. Please PUERTO RICANS have some self-respect. You don't HAVE TO BE WHORES. You bring shame upon your people. We'll be the RICHEST MOTHERFUCKERS on the sex offender registry .... speaking of which.. Ivette Perez Claudio.. what was that little roadshow on your porch the other day?? Was that you warning my cousin NOT to call your old man's felony probation officer after he and your brother or his brother have fucked with their car OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN ON VIDEO???? Cause by now that all adds up to prison time. Who knows how many dirty people yall have but your little skank ass with all your connections over to the sheriff's office taking your picture down from the website/// that party is almost over so dance while you can with the rest of the whores. Someone should investigate the santanas on lois lane in brandon. They seem to be running a whorehouse out of their home and the cars in the driveway look a lot like they might be friends of Ivette Perez Claudio and her little let off the hook too many times husband... GO SEE WHO LET HIM OFF THE HOOK. WHAT JUDGE(s) KEEPS LETTING THESE PEOPLE OFF THE HOOK TO RETURN TO TERRORIZE AND PLUNDER THE NEIGHBORHOOD SO THAT THE PROPERTY CAN BE ACQUIRED CHEAPLY??? People in the neighborhood disappearing in to prison being replaced by the likes of the scum that the judges keep sending back, the murderers on wood street, the doug gresians who also with plenty of knowledge to tamper with cars ... the leftovers actually fired (had to he committed a MURDER and apparently drives illegally) from the TAMPA FIRE DEPARTMENT who shoot at folks as they walk down the street. And let's not forget: Jose Tome' who runs the whore house and Michael Keller who runs the halfway house for the MURDERERS AND WHORES on Mitchell Avenue and has been the proud owner and illegal flipper of a FEW TOO MANY CHURCH PROPERTIES. CHURCH PROPERTIES owned by bikers and other scum.

So, fire pigs you stopped stalking or dialed it down a LITTLE TOO LATE.

BUT, back to Thomas Moreno and his ability to assist the firefighters and their cohorts at the INTERNET PROVIDERS in planting child pornography.

On Veteran's Day this blog was in the middle of doing some posting. Suddenly the blog disappeared and the fire pigs did some roaring around the block in order to send the message that they did this ... now we suspected that the last time the blog disappeared but had some fun with it by swordplay with other folks who have done some ill deeds because the truth will NOT be BLOG ificated.


Yes, it will be.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Rice's roommate (LOL) the arsonist firefighter was on duty that day (of course) He and his family burnt down a house in my family and now live in it and attempted to burn this one down so that his fat ass sister and her fat ass cocaine armed trafficking son (same judge who stepped aside after we commented on this) ended up on probation. She is a city of tampa parking dept manager. WE have so many parking tix that we now use the garage in tampa and walk blocks and blocks because she and all her skanky employees tail us whenever we go to downtown tampa. Is this RICO?? YES IT IS and it's ON VIDEO. And ... hello prostitute cum-daughter-in-law ... SO IS YOUR COMMENTARY on how we're on video. Taking pictures of the fat whore's car because her fucking cohorts spray our engine with toxins so that it's hard to breathe when we DRIVE THE FUCKING CAR. I always liked you but you turned out to be too much a whore to be amusing any more. I had no idea you were also a prostitute. But now you're the virgin mary with a BIG FAT ASS HUSBAND TO BE (LMAO what a rock around the neck) and also closely related to those who have fucked with others in mi familia.... so it's all interesting... Is that INBRED OR WHAT????

And that brings in the carney nation. But that's ten blogs worth of words no time for that. Also the BIKER NATION AND FIREFIGHTER NATION. All those connections in one nasty illbred family which pays no taxes and owns THREE HUGE HOMES all on one tiny lil civil servant's salary...... and a drug traffiker with the fire dept, bikers, 13th judicial and THE CARNEY NATION at his disposal. A dumbass.

Mr. Moreno has rented this house out for a number of years to every manner of illegal folks you could imagine. Now, why would an INVENTOR not be smart enough to screen his tenants/?? Well, he is. He rents to them as a family tradition. AND he participates with Tampa Fire Dept. in making fraudulent calls for service or maybe actual meth lab fires (OR HIS TENANTS do) so that they Tampa FIre Dept can STALK AND TERRORIZE CITIZENS UNDETECTED.

But they're not.

Just as the blog went down and the pigs roard around to strut their ummmm manliness ... THIS is the call they were pretending to be rushing to while risking THEIR LIVES to SAVE YOURS.

First to your left observe the extensive research that was involved in revealing the duplicity of JUST THIS ONE CALL. There are HUNDREDS LIKE THIS in the last four years of them stalking my family.

The post we were working on for November 11th pretty much detailed what is above WHO took ivette perez' picture off the sheriff's website? HOW CLOSE IS THAT TIE TO THE FIRE DEPARTMENT?? TO THE JUDGES???

The reason why is obvious. Ms. Perez-Claudio participates in stalking people and other activities in conjunction with the criminal element in tampa which yes hello no one gives a fuck about.. you just fucked with THE WRONG ONE as we politely told you over and over again before we loaded the pen and camera and took aim TO PROVE WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE DOING TO INNOCENT PEOPLE AND OTHERS YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY MURDERED AND STOLEN PROPERTY FROM ... don't forget the Irish Republican Army, Tampa Florida from whom the sex offender registry threats FIRST CAME. Business partner of Bob O'Neill's wife. If a UNITED STATES ATTORNEY is in business with someone who is threatening A CHILD WITH A LIFETIME ON THE SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY this is a big BIG FUCKING PROBLEM for the community. When you see these ties go right into the fire department and the judiciary and those who participate in terrorizing the community and THEN SOMEONE DISAPPEARS THE PHOTO OFF THE SHERIFF DEPT'S WEBSITE so that you cannot discover WHO THE PERSON IS OH BUT TOO LATE YOU ALREADY HAVE THE PICTURE SAVED AND THEN ONLY THEN did it disappear because they didn't realize it was already saved AND OR disappeared it off the computer along with other files of officer FAJITA but yknow TOO LATE also ... this means the Sheriff's DEPT is participating in covering up RICO, STALKING and other CRIMINAL activity and trying to prevent the victims from finding the identification of the people who are terrorizing and stalking them FOR THEIR RINGLEADER JOSE TOME. Who skankily enough is also assisted by the very VICTIM'S ADVOCATES from DRUM ROLL>>>> MARK OBER'S OFFICE. Also assisted by Michael Brian Keller and the fatass nephew of Mr. Rice's roommate the closet gay fireboy from ARSON street.

So, this is pretty much what the post entailed that they tried to interrupt.

BUT// the hapless m'fers led us right to the door of one of the most important pieces of the CHILD PORN PLANTING PUZZLE.

No one has driven by tenth street to see if there is actual damage or if a meth lab blew up or just some whore needed to offload her crack BUT ....

immediately we began research into the names and addresses associated. The names of renters is too voluminous for one post. Easy enough to find and investigate for interested parties. They're whores, prostitutes, dealers, meth manufacturers .. you name it. Seems Mr. Moreno would have teleported in and figured this out for his smart, inventing self.

But no.

here's the disabling of the blog (two photos this is the third or fourth time for this)


Here's the call that went with the disabling of the blog NOTE THE TIME for tenth street


AND here is the address they went to ...

One Thomas C. Moreno. You'll note the mailing address is different indicating a RENTAL property... so one goes to the tenants ...

Now, back to the calls for that time-frame. You'll notice they cluster around that time and then taper off. Yes, this can be explained away by a 'big rescue' load of crap. Maybe. OR MAYBE it's like the HUNDREDS of other times when they faked up calls (sometimes to the same address because some neighborhoods they only have a FEW SNITCHES TO PARTICIPATE) and then roared down the street for ten minutes to MAKE THEIR SNITCH POINTS.

Here's the record of calls.

Again, notice the tapering off but then the RE EMERGENCE of emergencies (LOL) for the same truck #'s to bogus stuff ... LOTS AND LOTS Of calls to that channelside address for instance (a matter of public record) and gazillions of false alarms to explain away OTHER LIES and STALKING and the ever popular DUMPSTER FIRE or medical call which remains VOILA SECRET under the expanded HIPPA laws which have nothing to do with patient privacy.

And again please note the time frame of the blog being disabled (THE EXACT MOMENT because that blog post was worked on for about ten minutes and just as it went to post and FAILED they roared up the street and continued to roar for some time) and just a moment ago for the record the MAIL PIG dropped off some more schizophrenic threats. HEY I thought WE were the ones who were supposed to look schizophrenic, MASONS. LMAO. LMAO. For awhile they tampered with the mail, including dropping photos on the ground in the rain but then they realized (after we HAD TO TEL THEM) that they couldn't deliver their schizophrenic threats from the schizophrenic dumptruck inmate dumping sheriff and his mob buddy, mark ober and other NEOCONS if htey wouldn't deliver the mail. It's been right on schedule ever since. Which is kinda funny. Out of all the mail received every month we throw most in a box and open about ten pieces of it. We're waiting for some important stuff right now. The thing about mail threats is this: They're HARD TO LAND if no one is watching. Like a tree in the forest.

Now we move on to researching Thomas Moreno, his tenants and his affiliations. BINGO.

What immediately emerges is that he is a SLUMLORD. Ruining the neighborhood around him while profiting from the misery of others. Every one of his tenants (six or seven) has a CRIMINAL RECORD. This bears some responsibility socially since he's such a fine. upstanding member of the Verizon community. Wherever VERIZON GOES: GENTRIFICATION FOLLOWS> Do you think slumlords like MORENO AND CO/ have anything to do with this??? CERTAINLY.

That's bad enough. But, there's MORE.


As far as we've been able to find Mr. Moreno has never been arrested in Hillsborough County but he hasn't been around long which kinda lends to the premise that wow he's an astute SLUMLORD and b. he arrived with the rest of the imported Verizon scum when it became Verizon. Have family with VErizon so shut the fuck up abou=t that too.

Mr. Moreno is AN INVENTOR.


This is what pops up when you google map the number that pops up IT IS VERIZON


THE PATENTS ARE TO SNOOP on others remotely. The post we were working on detailed how files were stolen RIGHT OFF OUR FAMILY'S PERSONAL COMPUTER. ONLY TWO WAYS THAT COULD HAPPEN. INTERNET PROVIDER. A SNOOP LIKE THIS. And ... ironically up the road they went. Now if they can STEAL IT they can DEAL IT. The tampa fire dept is involved in planting child pornography for the state's attorney's office who then prosecutes people selectively and either imprisons them or merely get them ON THE TEAM and reward them with scholarships and such OR ... drum roll THEY STEAL THEIR PROPERTY WHEN THEY CANNOT SUPPORT THEMSELVES .... unless you are Shelley Golden. Then you intimdate people for the carnies. what a scumbag is someone who fucks their own daughter?? I dunno Pedro Claudio seems to LOVE HIM. First he lived across from the young one and then moved on to share a yard with the old one. huh.


And according to online resources there are only nineteen tom morenos listed in america. I bet there are more but I also bet that this one: in california all involved with teh fire dept is one and the same with mr. tampa tom moreno.

Here's another interesting thing that popped up !! Remember the firefighter in Chickago who was hanging children from pegs and committing unspeakable acts??


AND like Jason Kuhn, friend of FOUR GREEN FIELDS he has attorney connections. Jason IS an attorney who arrived and befriended his old friends in tampa and then took over kennedy blvd and proceeded to try to BUY city council BUT he had no idea as an atty and neither did julie brown AN ATTORNEY who was running for city council that repaying ALL of his employees five hundred dollars each to write checks to HER campaign was illegal so mark ober (HELLOOOOO) declined to prosecute. cause if you don't KNOW you're committing a crime then it's OKAY. (thank GOD)

The moral of this story: Christine YOU CUNT. Do not ever threaten anyone I care for AGAIN. Or I will COME AFTER YOU AND EVERYTHING THAT HAS YOUR GODDAMN SCENT ON IT. Do I make myself CLEAR? I know you don't want to go back to your motherfucking trailer in tallahassee but it's obvious that only one member of your family belongs down there on the bay ..... I won't manipulate people like you do (TEENAGERS you SEX OFFENDER BITCH) or murder people like your husband and his fucking BOMBING associates ... I'll just keep telling the truth about you until you GO TO FUCKING HELL. HOW DARE YOU DRUG AND POISON MY FAMILY MEMBER YOU GREASE BAG WHORE??? That opens the door to what went on at lois lane and the rest of it which leads to bobby (OTHER BOBBY) and his stalking ass notably keeping his distance ALSO.
Was all this worth SAVING A MILLION DOLLARS? NOW MORE!!!!!!!!!! and reputations. Which you care nothing about but go to some length to ummm pretend you are some kind of person with any kind of class or kindness
Now on to the allege

And nothing about you in public records but looo the stuff that's on the streets.

And the records that PROVE what you have done.

When someone tells you that you are fucking WITH THE WRONG ONE: LISTEN.


Now on to the alleged car fire on I 275 which endangered HOW MANY PEOPLE?????? FLAMES SHOOTING OUT FIFTEEN FEET?????

We meet Evan Bender and the scum of tampa fire rescue who flew right there ... I'd be interested in talking to evan and outing him immediately. Evan enjoys a VERY cushy spot at USF and is likely one of the proud recipients of a FREE education. Evan doesn't appear to have an adult record in Hillsborough County but does he sound smart enough to be a college student?? SERIOUSLY????

He had to verify how many times that his car was on fire?? He took off HIS SHIRT to put it out?


Other Benders who have been arrested look MUCH MORE INTERESTING... which makes the connection to




and then rewarding their errant dumbass family members with cushy spots in colleges where they DO NOT BELONG and also

setting up FIRES ON THE INTERSTATE ENDANGERING HOW MANY LIVES so that the firefighters could PROVE HOW MUCH YOU NEED THEM. Nope. BUT THEY NEED TO KEEP DRIVING AROUND FREELY so that their side businesses can flourish and they can keep creating addicts and taking control of America CITY BY CITY TOWN BY TOWN PUBLIC OFFICIAL BY PUBLIC OFFICIAL.

Meet Tonja Bender..... she's been arrested a few times for possession of all kindsa shit ... which I have no problem with, I think drugs should be legalized. BUT ... E!">check out her latest arrest. A STRING OF OFFENSES longer than the dick of any firefighter in tampa or hillsborough ... AND .. (yeah I have to make my point about them making up for lack of bal ls)
BUT, and here's the link to the LONG LONG LIST OF DROPPED CHARGES. (like most firefighters and their families she skates through life on a swell of support from the THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL)

That's STILL not the most interesing thing about Tonja's record... nope. Other then her arrest locations along broadway NOTABLY CLOSE TO THE FIRE STATION ... check this out ... look at the lower right hand corner of her photo... scroll down and enlarge it ... SHE HAS A FIRE DEPARTMENT SHIRT ON. uh huh. Tonja a PLAYA in the scheme...

Now, Bender is not necessarily related to bender but hey, I'll put some money on it. FIFTY DOLLARS to anyone who can prove they are not related.

They're both stupid.

They both play with the fire department

and they both have cushy spots in the hierarchy of hillsborough county

for no apparent reason other than their inbred connections.

And, Tonja looks familiar to me so I've probably seen her on a stalking mission. Hers. I don't stalk people. Imagine if my family stalked back the people who stalk us. Or just anyone. I bet they'd pay closer attention to those ANTI STALKING LAWS. And I bet that pretty soon it would all meet in the middle as the snake ate it's ass.

Blanks and Charges

Okay, tell me if this sounds mercenary. I'm leaving out names and identities for now, and even some words to protect those who frankly don't deserve protection but having never been a RAT (like some) I just don't feel good about spilling people's filthy sides of their lives onto the WWW...

However -- (you knew this was coming, right??) -- I'm willing to disclose same for a fee. In fact, I'm going to disclose some of this in a book which will definitely be for sale very soon but if you'd like to know if your name or some similar aspect that identifies your smarmy and illegal acts towards me and my family have been mentioned I'd be happy to negotiate a fee with you. For the record, save your pennies if I've known you longer than thirty years. Out of respect for you and your family I'll leave your names out. Out of respect for you and your family I have remained silent. Apparently this same respect was not inbred in you. That's a pity but you and yours are safe with me. The ones who took it upon themselves to do your bidding against an innocent family are wide open just like they've left MY family wide open. Herewith I refer to my extended family and network many of whom are currently suffering at your hands. Be on notice.

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