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There's ANOTHER FLORIDA ONE who if he hadn't been arrested for SOMETHING ELSE would not have been caught at this one. Here I remind regular readers of my opinion that DNA is just as easily planted as PORN, CHILD PORN, DRUGS and HEATERS (very harlequin of me)

This guy's a 21 year veteran .. like George Lewis, murdering fireman, I'm sure he's innocent. Read the LAST SENTENCE.

It's NOT a matter of PUBLIC RECORD when one of these pigs is arrested. Maybe THAT is why we haven't heard of it in Tampa lately when their average is better than one a week until Tom Forward took over and Mayor Pam gave the edict ...

Former Jacksonville firefighter arrested; charged with rape
He is being held in the Duval County jail without bail.
Posted: April 21, 2010 - 11:38pm
By Dan Scanlan, Larry Hannan
A former Jacksonville firefighter has been charged with a rape that happened in 2006 while he was employed by the fire department.
Daniel W. Foote, 54, who was already on house arrest in another case, was arrested Wednesday and is in the Duval County jail on $300,000 bail, according to jail records.
Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department spokesman Tom Francis said the latest charges against the former firefighter are serious, and they will offer any the help the Sheriff's Office needs in the investigation.

"These revelations come as a shocking surprise and impugn his character to a degree no one could have possibly foreseen," Francis said. "The department is not aware of all the intricate details affiliated with this case, but whatever level of cooperation is needed from us is assured."
According to the arrest report, the victim was in her residence vacuuming in August 2006 when she turned around and saw a strange man standing in front of her. The man threw her against the couch, forced her into the bedroom and raped her.
Police, at the time, were unable to identify a suspect. But when Foote was convicted of a separate crime last year, police obtained his DNA. A database analysis came back this year linking Foote's DNA with the DNA taken from the rape kit in 2006, the arrest report said.
Foote, an engineer, was arrested in October 2009 after an undercover investigation into unauthorized visits to an inmate work crew he supervised.
He pleaded guilty in December to three counts of bribery and was sentenced to three years of house arrest and ordered to retire from the fire department. Other conditions included 1,000 hours of community service and electronic monitoring of his whereabouts. The house arrest was to be followed by two years of probation.
Foote, who had been a 21-year veteran with the department, had been charged with bribery, accepting unlawful compensation for official behavior and soliciting for prostitution.He was accused of soliciting sex from an undercover policewoman who visited an inmate as part of the scheme. But his plea agreement only included the bribery counts.

He had been assigned for two years to oversee a four-person inmate work crew that performed a range of chores out of the department's tactical support unit. After police were tipped off to what was going on, detectives set up a sting by first phoning Foote to arrange a meeting with an undercover officer and an informant, the initial arrest report said. The meeting was arranged in exchange for food, cigarettes and $20.A second visit involving undercover police, including a woman, was set up in exchange for $20. Part of the arrangement involved a conjugal visit with the informant at a fire station that was not in operation, the report said. Foote was accused of soliciting sex from the same undercover policewoman for $30, the report said.When someone in Florida is convicted of a crime, police routinely obtain their DNA.

The Sheriff's Office would not release an arrest photograph of Foote, saying it wasn't public record

Paper Trail (LOL ATCHA) I'm ILLY

Firefighters who MURDER v Firefighters WHO THREATEN

What's the difference???

Well, the J A I L sentence, maybe.

Firefighters who MURDER seem to get NO sentence (or even a REAL TRIAL) but instead gather up property by the acre along with their murdering crack-dealing families. And nephews.

Or, maybe that's just in Tampa. (LOL) (quite doubtful) With the Roberts/Mason/Rice/ETC. families. (and that skanky looking, skinny lil black dude they hired on as a token GIT GIT GIT IT black man ... you stepping on the VERY PERSON whose GRANDFATHER got YOUR ASS a job. So go fuck your stupid self. That's the dog collar you're willingly wearing. Family so proud and shit of their black fireman stalking children. No doubt.

For instance, in Philly there is constant call for DRUG TESTING of FIRE PERSONNEL. I think we would lose EVERY SINGLE firefighter in Tampa FL except for the few I know personally. I don't even really care if they geeze or snort or smoke all day but I feel like those who need their SWORN TO DUTY TO HELP, probably do.
You google "firefighter arrest" and there's a TON more stuff than there was this time three years ago. Duh. Can't help it I'm the first one who noticed those thugs going south. I think it's cause I have the Ace of Hearts. LOLSSS

In Daytona we're still looking hard at the firemen who surround near-murderer, serial rapist STILL BEING PAID AS A FIREMAN, Adam Silva.

From this blog, an excerpt (doesn't Silva for the most part APPEAR normal?? That's hwo these firepigs get away with it, they have that normal appearance until you are given the chance to closely appraise them as I and mine and others have been forced to)

...."direction and tried to force the woman into sex in a bank parking lot, she told officers. She initially fought him off, but the 6-foot-tall Silva told her that if she did not stop, she would “end up like Natalee Holloway,” according to a police report. Hollway is a young Alabama woman who went missing on a trip to Aruba in 2005 and is presumed to have been slain.

“I’ll kill you,” Silva told the woman, according to the report.

The woman, who is in her 20s, either jumped out of Silva’s truck or was pushed. She was found wandering, naked from the waist down, about 3:30 a.m May 19. In mid-June, she found herself pregnant and subsequently had an abortion.".....

Welcome to the Fire House, folks.

Speaking of which, they DID found the fire house subs... WITH WHOSE MONEY??

It'd be my strong opinion folks should avoid eating at one of those dumps.

I feel certain that their first line of business is distributing meth.

Ergo as I never or rarely see more than one car at one, their shit is probably ROTTED and your order will irritate them into poisoning you.

End of story.

Smashed Frog: Who's Next to Fall in South Florida?

Smashed Frog: Who's Next to Fall in South Florida?: "Per The Daily Pulp (8/6/10): (...) Another thing: There's another very serious corruption-fighting body in town and a source tells me ..."

Firefighters Threaten Rape Victim

I think it's probably pretty unique to get arrested TWICE IN ONE WEEK. BUT to be arrested TWICE IN ONE WEEK FOR RAPE ... WOW.

Hearing that it's a fireman: it all makes sense, right?

THESE are the PIGS you are dealing with: There's going to be a lot more pics and video posted soon.

Now, I've been pretty busy for awhile and haven't had much time to keep track of the pigs at the Fire Station but when you google firefighter stalking A HELLUVA LOT of stuff pops up and most of it NEW.

So, GOOGLE "firefighter stalking" and look at the list of shit they've been up to in 2010. WOW. I have been busy but look at this one.

This pig of a daytona fireman goes to a bar with his pig firemen friends after a UNION meeting (do they mean MASONIC meeting??) and strikes up a conversation with this young lady .. he offers to give her a ride home but instead turns the opposite way and takes her to RAPE HER.

AND steals her cellphone which he apparently used to take pictures while he was RAPING HER.

So she reports it to the police (lucky she's alive I guess) .. the pig Adam Silva gets arrested and his fellow FIRE FIGHTER PIGS start threatening the rape victim that they will put the pictures FROM HER CELLPHONE ON YOUTUBE if she doesn't drop the charges.


If that's not stunning enough ... the firemen CONTINUE to harass the cops over it by leaving an 81 year old woman half naked and unable to move on her condo steps while taunting the policemen.

(Reading on I discovered he tried to assault another woman the same night but she had a gun and got away)

Just read: Now ... yeah... I'm the crazy one. Yet I haven't raped anyone or threatened to put photos of people I raped on youtube NOR did I leave someone prone naked and helpless (AN ELDERLY WOMAN) while I taunted the police to unarrest MY ASS BUDDY.
Wow, WHY are these FUCKING GUYS SO CLOSE?????

It's kinda fucking sick.

Rape Arrest Creates Tension Between Firefighters, Cops
Posted: 4:31 pm EDT August 3, 2010Updated: 5:22 pm EDT August 3, 2010
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- The arrest of a Daytona Beach firefighter on rape charges is starting to cause tension between police and firefighters in the city.
Adam Silva was arrested twice last week on sexual battery charges. Now, two new memos from city police officers are stirring things up.
Firefighters even took the tension into the home of a helpless, 81-year-old woman, according to memos sent to the police chief by a Daytona Beach police sergeant and another officer. They say it happened at 81-year-old Elenora Archer's home while she lay helpless on the floor where she had been for more than 12 hours unable to get up.
Daytona Beach police pounded Archer's front door with a sledgehammer to get to her. She was on the floor, half-naked, upstairs in her condo, unable to move for more than 12 hours. Two police officers say, when the fire department's paramedics arrived, they wasted time wise-cracking.
The officers’ memos accuse paramedic Michael Tyrrell of telling the sergeant who had to break in, "Here you go, do you want this?" gesturing to his medical bag and saying, “You guys seem to want to control everything. You sure you don't want it?"
The sergeant said it happened right in front of the helpless 81-year-old woman. The other officer says a paramedic asked him if he wanted to hook the woman up to a monitor saying, "Yeah, you guys want to handle everything else."
The officer said he was embarrassed and backed away to avoid a scene in front of the patient so she could get help. The officers said it happened last Wednesday, after the police department arrested firefighter Adam Silva for rape.
The 81-year-old woman is doing better now six days later, but not well enough to talk to WFTV. She told WFTV through her neighbor that she never heard the comments.
“If it's true that the firefighter did say that … it's not right, but I don't know all the facts either,” neighbor Bob McHenry said.
Two days after the alleged exchange between the two departments, police chief Mike Chitwood accused city firefighters of using the alleged rape victim's stolen cell phone to harass her.
The city manager is now going to open an investigation into the incident. He's not talking. The police and fire chiefs aren't talking. WFTV tried to talk to firefighter Michael Tyrrell at Fire Station 1, but was told he was in training Tuesday.
Adam Silva is out on bond after being arrested twice last week. He's facing charges of raping one woman and trying to assault another on the same night, but the second woman had a gun and was able to get away.

Investigators said they also found evidence on Silva's computer leading them to believe there could be other victims.
Previous Stories:

August 2, 2010: Firefighter's Release Sparks Changes At Jail
July 30, 2010: Police: Firefighters Threaten Rape Victim’s Friends
July 30, 2010: Firefighter Accused In Rape Faces New Accusation
July 28, 2010: Firefighter Accused Of Rape Bonds Out, Still Being Paid
July 28, 2010: Firefighter Accused Of Raping, Impregnating Woman

The links are worth reading.


What a piece of shit.

This reminds me of the BLIND DEFENSE for murdering george lewis and now the lead detective larry tosi in ill health.

And faggot colin breen and his whore of a wife all aligned with them.
The firePIGS believe they are untouchable.




Cause you KNOW it's true. You spun your fat ass wheels into the ground and lost.


But, look who you picked for yo team.

Let that be a lesson to you ...

FireFighters Who STALK Citizens: How the stalking BEGINS 3 days ...
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May 7, 2010 ... A Jacksonville firefighter is in jail facing stalking charges after a woman told police someone harassed her and set fire to her car. - Cached
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Feb 7, 2008 ... Judge Brewer would not talk to Eyewitness News about Orlando firefighter Derek Lennon's stalking case, but he's catching heat for what he - Cached - Similar

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lick your sticker qtip farmer klem ....

Blanks and Charges

Okay, tell me if this sounds mercenary. I'm leaving out names and identities for now, and even some words to protect those who frankly don't deserve protection but having never been a RAT (like some) I just don't feel good about spilling people's filthy sides of their lives onto the WWW...

However -- (you knew this was coming, right??) -- I'm willing to disclose same for a fee. In fact, I'm going to disclose some of this in a book which will definitely be for sale very soon but if you'd like to know if your name or some similar aspect that identifies your smarmy and illegal acts towards me and my family have been mentioned I'd be happy to negotiate a fee with you. For the record, save your pennies if I've known you longer than thirty years. Out of respect for you and your family I'll leave your names out. Out of respect for you and your family I have remained silent. Apparently this same respect was not inbred in you. That's a pity but you and yours are safe with me. The ones who took it upon themselves to do your bidding against an innocent family are wide open just like they've left MY family wide open. Herewith I refer to my extended family and network many of whom are currently suffering at your hands. Be on notice.

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