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Pam Iorio Slops the Citizens of Tampa Part III

And, night has fallen.

My family and I took a trip to Canada in early 2005. While there visiting my dear friends (with many stops along the way) I made to tuck in one of my garments and my hand went straight through it. Not bleach. It's a silk in shades of blue ...

My friend and I discussed what could have caused my hand to go right through it while laughing about the cheeziness of the American made clothes and etc.... (it was pretty expensive if I recall, I still have it bundled up in the same condition)~

Soon enough the water came to mind and then on to another topic.

On the way home I was still mulling this over due to the fact that it was one of my favorite articles of clothing. I remembered other things: My child taking a bath while his arms began to develop bad spots in the pit and weird black (just descriptive) folks began to approach in the grocery discussing their children's under-arms. Two things: a. HOW DO THEY KNOW SOMETHING DISCUSSED ONLY IN THE PRIVACY OF OUR HOME. b. There are a TON of blacks working for the city of tampa water. There are also a TON of whites. But no white folks have ever come along and stuck their tools through our fence breaking it as blacks and now a big latino fellow has on two separate occasions. That's ok. Whites have done plenty of damage around here. No racial undertones implicit or implied.

My son's arms were better and then it happened again. Other things started to happen. Our pipes started giving us trouble. The new toilet showed damage ... when you took a hot bath to feel better instead you felt really cold and then sick. Your nails would break if you used the water much I mean just the next hour or so or the next day: gone. Our dishes broke more frequently, plates and glasses shattering left and right .... my hair looked damaged. Scumbags approached me at the YMCA to relate to me their vitamin deficiencies causing dry hair. LIES AND SCUM. Like the YMCA TOP OF THEIR LUNGS SATURDAY MORNING brain cancer tales all recorded from Mark Ober's staff. Mark Ober can give you brain cancer. Mark Ober IS CANCER.

Somewhere in here we stopped using the water. IT GOT WEIRDER.
Brown spots I had thought were freckles began to DISAPPEAR after we stopped using the water here. A mark on my shoulder that my fiancee' had pointed out as maybe 'cancerous or trouble causing' began to disappear. Others flaked off. I began to notice people with these brown spots in different places. Tribes of weird people were following us around. My son developed a cough. Again an older black lady approached us in a public park talking about barking cough. This went away with the water useage. We bathed at family, gym and the YMCA. People began to follow us into the YMCA to stop that. Just doing nasty stuff or poking fun at my child and children are sensitive .... the list goes on and on and on. We began to save the CITY OF TAMPA water for proof of what was going on. For some reason (probably because of THE WRONG PEOPLE ENCOURAGING US TO) we did not want to report our suspicions to COT water. We felt they would come out, run some tests and tell us we were crazy.

Later we realized they probably would have tried to condemn our home. This went on and on and on. Sometimes we had real water. But very seldom.
We gave bottled water to our animals.

We're all fine but would probably be dead by now if we had continued to use the water. It's nasty. It damages everything and causes a build up of crud after a day or so. It has an oily quality. When you spray it from the hose it has a rainbow. WHAT?? WHAT???

The ground is always coated with something that won't mix with the water. Or is it that the water won't mix with the ground? It beads up as though the ground is made of wax. And on concrete, too. You have to find a place that's not readily accessible to see how odd that is when the water acts normally in the out of the way places.

THEN the St Pete Times began publishing some weird stuff about dishwashing liquid. HUH??


Here are some photos and we also have video we are adding to youTube taken of the ground and of the glass and silverware, toilet and sink areas in our home. This is NOT from dishwashing liquid. These particular glasses or jars (I used some empty sauce jars for some of the experiment) have NEVER EVER been touched by anything but sauce, my hands and city of tampa water. I wiped our sinks down with good spray cleaner and made them shiny and ran the dishwasher with only glassware in it some for the first time and some for the fifth time and afterwards took photos of the nasty sink from the nasty sticky water that pam iorio and her city employees are pumping into our home.

WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS? IN our case ask Governor Rick Scott. Ask Pam Iorio and her thieving employees. Ask the scum who want to bring gambling..... they'd rather SEE US DEAD than part with a DIME. Ask Andy Forman. Ask ... (ask me for the list) Ask why a biker is marching around in perfect health while good, decent people are struggling with their clothes full of holes and most have no idea why.
Oh, we also use the laundromat how much MORE DISGUSTING COULD IT GET IN THE HOLE OF TAMPA??? Ask officer number ,,,,,, 644. He'll tell you about his crackfriend in the one on gandy. NICE VIDEO of the guy threatening my son and then the cop doing nothing about public drunkenness.
Oh, it's NOT JUST US. Go to Publix. Sit in the parking lot. Watch the people come out. You're used to men losing their hair. But this is LADIES in Tampa. LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM. It's SHOCKING. I first noticed the people with brown spots. Then I noticed the people with spots had thinning hair. I started paying more attention. While waiting for my family member to get off work I started taking down tag numbers of obvious victims of this water poisoning. A BOLD JUXTAPOSITION is all the tatted up scum in obvious good health and shiny hair going home to their crackhouses in perfect health. Pam and the BIKERS are running Tampa with the CARNIES. Because I know people from all groups I can make this statement with authority. A BOLDER AND MORE DISGUSTING visage is Pam Iorio strutting out of publix with a cart full of zephyrhills bottled water after this blog's first post and accusation of what she was doing to the water and long about the SAME TIME she was telling the rest of the city to CHANGE FROM BOTTLED WATER AND DRINK TAP. This scumbag of a woman was marching out of publix "at that very moment" never seen her before in my life (thank god other than a townhall meeting where she shut me down while people cheered me on .. the entire audience applauding while she buck-passed) with those big clear jugs of zephyr hills bottled water. She must be a pal of THAT thief.

(got the video, pam you disgusting swine)

Here's the glasses. The jar has NEVER been touched by any water but City of Tampa water. Only once. It's STILL NASTY and doesn't really show up as well as it should in the photo. The other two jars were ONCE used with dishwashing liquid but after that NONE and then washed three separate times with just water and then once again with the jar added.

IS that NOT DISGUSTING??? GOD KNOWS WHAT IS IN THAT FILTH THAT PAM WANTS YOU TO GIVE TO YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR CHILDREN. That's not somethign LEMISHINE CURES. THAT IS FILTH you are looking at . THAT IS DISEASE. Even jars washed twice are coated in a scum that is so disgusting you don't want to touch it. THAT IS CITY OF TAMPA WATER WHEN PAM IORIO WANTS TO STEAL YOUR HOME. (too bad you don't have what I have bill dill so you'll be bootlicking all your life)

Here's some more:

This is everything washed AGAIN with what used to be a pretty little glass I liked ... it's been washed around six times and is now opaque. I tried without much success to get a good picture of how disgusting it is.

You notice the bowls in the background?? Crust all around the edges .. if you want them clean you have to bleach them in the sink for two or three days and then wash and then wipe down very very very well in hope they are disease free. And there will still be SOME CRUD around the outside and inside ... NO MATTER WHAT. USE PLASTIC or die is my theory

The date of these pictures is Thursday 010611. I ran the dishwasher again with the same glasses I held up in the first picture and the same jars and nothing else except for some silver that's been riding in the dishwasher for weeks in some cases, once or twice in others.

If there is peanutbutter on the knife for instance whatever is in the water will seemingly CALCIFY the peanut butter to the knife. You have to SCRAPE IT OFF but then there are pits and nastiness on all of your silverware. You don't even want to SEE real silver which we used to wash with no harm right along with everything else.

I took this picture after that washing (NO DISHWASHING LIQUID WATER ONLY this glass should have SPARKLED AS IT ALWAYS DID) For the record the reason why I am able to stress this is the schizophrenic quality of it. Sometimes the dishes (even THESE) will come out sparkling. Must be some kind of test when the pigs are AFRAID to run this crap out to my home and are forced to give us real water. Well you can never know for sure. You don't want to taste test it or use a canary.... I don't think it actually bothers birds as we use it in our bird bath and even though we have to SCRUB the birdbath from the nasty water residue the birds seem to love it and bathe in it and drink it... the turtle also does not mind. FISH MIND. FISH DROP DEAD. BUGS AND FROGS DROP DEAD. ANTS DROP DEAD.

Didn't take a chance with my dogs and cats ... when we stopped using this water so did they. One plain never drank it anyway and was always vying for rainwater ... I noticed that and used to laugh. Now I know WHY.

Anyway .. look at the next photo ... one more washing in steaming hot WHATEVER THIS IS COMING THROUGH OUR PIPES.. should have left this sparkling clean ....

That's the same sauce jar which was moderately clean in photo ONE. Couldn't you THROW UP looking at it?? I should have used GLOVES.

There's MORE.

This is two glasses held up ... one of which has been washed once months ago with soap and all and then this other one SAME TYPE OF GLASS on the left in the photo ... washed six or seven times with soap once and plain water the other times. YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE.


And here: You can't even SEE THROUGH IT.

I tried photos of silverware from every angle it's very difficult to photograph due to some remaining reflective quality but ... finally I had my son hold it up and photographed the back

Yes, that IS what's on it after already being wiped down and wiped down VERY VERY WELL and then washed again and then again. Accidentally it's a nice sample of silver, real silver and plastic. ALL DISGUSTING ALL MARRED AND ALL UNUSABLE. It's NOT THE DISHWASHING DETERGENT OR THE DISHWASHER IT IS THE WATER.

This bowl wasn't even dirty. WE WASHED IT ONE TIME. THIS IS THE RESULT. There's also the outside of it which is disgusting .... AFTER THE WATER. We shone it first and YES we have that photo and video as well. For time's sake we're posting the results. Here's a pic of the side of our faucet area. THIS IS BRAND SPANKING NEW. BRAND NEW. Shines up to a mirror glow. ONE DAY with this crap water running near it and it is FILTHY AND DISGUSTING. ONE DAY. We have the pic of the top where it's still shiny and water never touches so you can save your comments of how we are pigs. IT IS PAM IORIO WHO IS A PIG. A PIG WHO IS SLOWLY MURDERING PEOPLE IN THEIR HOMES.

Here's the kitchen and here are two relatively new knives. Again, scrubbed down and THEN WASHED with water only.

And below here you see a shot of our dishwasher attaching to the sink. This is a nearly new 2006 or early 2007 MAYTAG model. NEVER A MINUTES TROUBLE. We still have the wood that was packed around it ... it's THAT NEW. Look at OUR parts. Clean and white and perfect. Look at our sink where the water touches it. Look at that green plate. Washed about as many times or MORE than the glasses. WHO KNOWS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU ATE OFF IT??
Look all around the faucet area. That crap is STICKY to the touch. In the video I display to you how I polish it down with scrubbing bubbles until is is beautiful. I pour bottled water over it and let it sit and whatever. Still beautiful. THE CITY OF TAMPA WATER TOUCHES IT AND IT IS STICKY AND NASTY until you polish it again.

Here's one of my fave soup bowls. See that white nastiness/?? You can't SCRAPE nor polish NOR BLEACH NOR COMET it away .... but it's NOT part of the bowl. It is FROM THE WATER.

And finally, look at this disgusting display. CITY OF TAMPA WATER DID THIS. We're loading it up sans dishwashing detergent (to lay waste to the lies of how it's the detergent leaving the chalky film. NO IT IS THE WATER) .... and more to come after it finishes again including what the first polished sink looks like AFTER the dishwasher runs. WITH WATER ONLY AND PREVIOUSLY WASHED DISHES ONLY.

(START AGAIN WITH IMAGE 2299 post dishwashing thursday)

Pam Iorio Slops the Citizens of Tampa Part II

Okay, there was beginning to be widespread agreement with the fact that SOMETHING IS WRONG VERY VERY VERY WRONG with the water in the City of Tampa, County of Hillsborough.

IMAGINE your surprise that ST PETE Times ran some bullshit stories about how the NEW dishwashing liquid (for your dishwasher) was causing the nastiness created on your dishes.



Because THIS has been occurring off and on at OUR HOUSE and other KNOWN destinations for YEARS.

Coincident with THE SWINE MASTER PAM IORIO being "selected" from a field of possibles to run Tampa into the muck. Which she has done while she carved herself a spot on the board of EVERY EVER ENTITY IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY. EVERY ONE. Including the Port and Aviation Authority. Sports Authority ... etc... (lowry park zoo ala Lex Salisbury .... hmmmm another MR. WILDLIFE along with MRS. WILDLIFE out on Easy Street with the stalking HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FIRE RESCUE BROTHER) ... she has got her FILTHY MURDERING FINGERS IN EVERYTHING.


But, what is THE ONE THING (two things) that you NEED in order to SURVIVE and be HEALTHY???



Enter Pam and her host of carnie scum (God rest the decent carnies who would never have harmed another person and enter the scum meth dealers. Incidentally give ummm what's that guy's name ....


Pam Iorio Slops the Citizens with Tainted Water PART ONE

Seriously, when crack dealing PIGS get real water and a free ride on electricity (CLAUDIO, PETER) (and CABLE), besides being protected by the corrupt Tampa Police Force you know that a city has a FUCKED UP MAYOR: Detroit got thieving moon-faced criminal Kwame Kilpatrick

and Tampa got his little sis with worse hair: Pam Iorio.

It's interesting that the tampa cops and firefighters STILL SUPPORT PAM DESPITE THE FACT THAT SHE HAS FIRED MORE OF THEM and I think AT LEAST TEN DECENT COPS in Tampa have been murdered .. UNPRECEDENTED. Which tells you WHAT?? That the dirty cops are HAPPY. And there are a LOT OF THEM. Speaking of dirty cops it looks like Mumford got Guffey's old car (is it BLACK??? I'll have to see if it's CURRENT)_ so look for the connection there if you want to find out which whore brought guffey down and there were a number of old-time tampa cops MOST OF THEM them compliments of Robert O'Neill's buddy Roberto Bautiste in INTERNAL AFFAIRS TPD (Christine Breen intro'd my family to his sister ...) who were brought down ... while dirty thugs and prostitutes/strippers posing as cops are proliferating. As noted FREQUENTLY. It endangers all of you even the idiots having their crack protected.

But the subject of THIS post is really the water which has likely killed a number of people in Tampa, sickened US for awhile until we stopped using it and then as OUR WORD GOT OUT, the lies began. Kinda like the GOP trying to spin that the left will "MAKE POINTS" on the vicious murders caused by their insane posturing with guns and shooting matches which OF COURSE, draw the lunatics out. I hope they are each sued back under their slimy rocks.

Hey Pam, you and St Pete Times and the other scum fill the air with the sound of how it's THE NEW DISHWASHING LIQUID OR POWDER or how they finally discovered that "fluoride" damages teeth (what about skin?) (what about HAIR?)

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AND to have a look down himes and westshore (ALL COPS AT THE HEAD OF ALL STREETS EVEN PINELLAS COUNTY COPS ALL RE-PIPED RECENTLY in order to selectively send decent water THERE and TOXINS TO OTHER HOMES) They used the nastiest company EVER> construction through christ DALLAS whatever ... nasty cretins who KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. THEY KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING with the water. Bring it up in front of them ... their faces change before they can stop themselves. Just say something simple like: there must be something in the water... watch THE SHOCK. It's sad.... and it's sinister .. but it's TRUE. Given a choice instead of limiting water to their grass or for their fat asses to shower in they decided to KEEP IT ALL and/OR murder your family if you're not on the right list. Think of how water is served. Go park in a publix parking lot and watch the people for awhile. That's not where I first noticed it but it's where the idea lodged and began to be traced. Balding women in Tampa is NOT NORMAL. There are TONS OF THEM NOW. With brown spots and other signs of skin damage caused by water.

But you don't have to believe ME ... go sit in any publix parking lot and watch them come and go. If you like follow one home to observe that it's neighbors are all in good health with flowing hair and no problems but they are experiencing problems with balance, hair, skin and eyes and also confusion in some cases. THAT is compounded by toxins sprayed on their properties. Gases or pesticide used on human beings. ALL OF THIS TRACES BACK TO PAM IORIO AND TO BIG CAT RESCUE on EASY STREET. ALL OF IT. Which means THE CARNIES.

Some of us are being slowly murdered. Symptoms will lead you to your doctor for a vindictive diagnosis like Richard, Paul Mumford's neighbor. EVERY HOUSE ON PAUL MUMFORD'S BLOCK and the block up ON BEAUMONT, IS FOR SALE, already occupied by a fucking scumbag, rented to a scumbag or the resident is being murdered. EVERY ONE OF THEM. He parks his cop car in their driveways sometimes. This is just like campus court by usf. JEFF BURGER THE BIKER who traces back to city of tampa, dottie roberts mason and her son darrell whose uncle is tampa fireman Spence Roberts... dottie KNOWS ALL THE COPS. This also traces back to Arden Avenue and Mitchell Avenue crack and meth sales ... and the wood street murders.

And Paul Mumford over with Mike Keller and the Comparetto family and staging shootouts through the neighborhood while Judge Art McNeil declines to protect those who ask for protection.

I'm bringing you proof today of the water and how it has been tainted. Because NONE of the dishes I will show you have ever been touched by dishwashing liquid. ONLY CITY OF TAMPA WATER.

I have looked for the list of TPD officers who have died on her watch. It might be over TEN.


Gabby Giffords victim of DERANGED REPUBLICANS

Get the story straight.

This beautiful young woman, a CHILD and three senior citizens and a young Congressional Aide to Congresswoman Giffords are ALL victims of the NEOCON REPUBLICAN LUNACY.



From Tuscon AP:
Giffords expressed similar concern, even before the shooting. In an interview after her office was vandalized, she referred to the animosity against her by conservatives, including Sarah Palin's decision to list Giffords' seat as one of the top "targets" in the midterm elections.
"For example, we're on Sarah Palin's targeted list, but the thing is, that the way that she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they have to realize that there are consequences to that action," Giffords said in an interview with MSNBC.
In the hours after the shooting, Palin issued a statement in which she expressed her "sincere condolences" to the family of Giffords and the other victims.
During his campaign effort to unseat Giffords in November, Republican challenger Jesse Kelly held fundraisers where he urged supporters to help remove Giffords from office by joining him to shoot a fully loaded M-16 rifle. Kelly is a former Marine who served in Iraq and was pictured on his website in military gear holding his automatic weapon and promoting the event.
"I don't see the connection," between the fundraisers featuring weapons and Saturday's shooting, said John Ellinwood, Kelly's spokesman. "I don't know this person, we cannot find any records that he was associated with the campaign in any way. I just don't see the connection.
"Arizona is a state where people are firearms owners — this was just a deranged individual."

And these stupid people like Ellinwood end up working in the White House due to a COMPLETE LACK OF MORALS or HUMANITY.

Let's see ... competition says ... COME HELP ME SHOOT MY WAY TO VICTORY. Follower instead has private pary. Yeah, no connection there, dipweed.

A bullet passed through her head. Let's hope for the best.

What an exciting idea : Congress on your Corner.


Hope this young, pretty and caring woman GETS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT better. Very sad.


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However -- (you knew this was coming, right??) -- I'm willing to disclose same for a fee. In fact, I'm going to disclose some of this in a book which will definitely be for sale very soon but if you'd like to know if your name or some similar aspect that identifies your smarmy and illegal acts towards me and my family have been mentioned I'd be happy to negotiate a fee with you. For the record, save your pennies if I've known you longer than thirty years. Out of respect for you and your family I'll leave your names out. Out of respect for you and your family I have remained silent. Apparently this same respect was not inbred in you. That's a pity but you and yours are safe with me. The ones who took it upon themselves to do your bidding against an innocent family are wide open just like they've left MY family wide open. Herewith I refer to my extended family and network many of whom are currently suffering at your hands. Be on notice.

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Addendum: Please check back to older posts as I am constantly updating them as I have more time to delve into the interesting subjects. I thought that comments were automatically enabled. I apologize for the inability to comment. I was able to comment but that's because I'm the author (duh) Now, everyone can comment. It's a free for all. Hey, as well, if you'd like to publish to this blog it'd be cool if you were like-minded but if you're not that's okay too -- just email me and I'll add your email to the list of publishers to this blog. Tampas Back Door Ways (OR)