Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stalking, Arson, Stalking, Threats, More arson .... he still has his fireman job

Jacksonville Firefighter Arrested, Jailed for Stalking
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville firefighter is in jail facing stalking charges after a woman told police someone harassed her and set fire to her car.
Bruce Edward Jones, 30, is accused of violating his probation against domestic violence and stalking. He was arrested Wednesday after investigators found evidence in his home that tied him to the victim's accusations.
Jones is an engineer and paramedic with Jacksonville Fire Station 50 on Beach Boulevard. A spokesperson for Jacksonville Fire and Rescue said Jones has worked for the department for five years.
According to a police report, Jones was arrested in June 2009 for stalking; the judge issued him a "no contact" order with regard to the victim.
On March 21, a friend of Jones told police the firefighter paid him to paper several cars in the parking lot of the victim's church with sexually explicit photos of the victim.
Less than a month later, the victim and her parents' cars were burned when a flammable liquid was poured onto them and lit.
On April 17, the victim found numerous mail-out cards discouraging businesses from working with her. In the police report, a witness referred to the action as "retaliation for pending and past court actions."
After investigating, police searched Jones' home and found similar mailers. Jones was arrested and is in the Duval County Jail on $125,000 bond.
Tom Francis, spokesperson for the JFRD, said Jones will be reassigned to an office job pending his release from jail and the outcome of his case. The JFRD is well aware of the trust that must exist between firefighters and the community, he said.
Jones will have no contact with the community in a public service role unless the case is adjudicated, he said.



In tampa they just DISAPPEAR the cases and then the firefighters' daddies buy them condos downtown.

Makes for a swell neighborhood.

firefighters and drug lords

and look !! His daddy own(s)(ed) a bar, JUST LIKE YOU, COLIN.

Poire, the security spokesman, said Valdez maintained ties to drug gangs operating in the United States and Central and South America, and a series of arrests during the day in Colombia appeared to bear out that claim.
Valdez grew up in a middle-class subdivision of Laredo popular with Border Patrol agents, police officers and firefighters. His father was a nightclub and bar owner.
The former Laredo United High School linebacker became a small-time street dealer as a teen. His first arrest came at 19 in Texas, where he was charged with criminally negligent homicide for allegedly running over a middle school counselor in his truck while speeding down a Laredo street. He was never indicted.
Valdez later moved to Mexico City, where in 1998 he met Arturo Beltran Leyva, a drug lord working for the Sinaloa cartel, according to the federal police's counternarcotics chief, Ramon Pequeno.
As the Texan worked his way up the criminal chain, first in Nuevo Laredo along the border, then starting in 2004 in the Pacific Coast resort of Acapulco, he nurtured a reputation for extreme violence, including frequent beheadings of the Beltran Leyva group's enemies, Pequeno said.
By 2007, Valdez ranked

Peter Claudio and the things he passes on

Mr. Claudio,

the one thing I have notice you give your child: When he stalks my cousin for you and Mr. Tome////
he walks like he has shit in his pants.

Just like you.

Imagine what a loser you are.

That you want your INNOCENT CHILD
to grow up the same small piece of shit that you are.

Everyone knows it's not cock of the walk.

Just so you know.

And you are a pathetic asshole.

A job for firepig OWNED DELINTZ

Why not take your buddy across the way, Chris Artigas along??? Oh, that's right .. you can't. He was murdered along with the ginas. How's his family feel about what you did to him? No one ever checked george bello's cellphone to see who directed him to that house while chris was there/??

Clothes dryer lint causes $60,000 house fire in North Tampa
By Danny Valentine, Times Staff Writer Posted: Sep 01, 2010 02:49 PM
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WA wrote:
Must have been a heck of a lint ball, thats why they have to be emptied.
Sep 1, 2010 3:19 PM
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LePetomane wrote:
No such thing as a "set it and forget it" clothes dryer. Coincidentally, vacuum cleaners also have to be emptied.
Sep 1, 2010 3:40 PM
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kimmy wrote:
Wow wonder if she has ever checked it? I even go outside and stick a coat hander up in it to get lint out that sticks to the exhaust. Keeping the lint screens clean cuts down on the time it takes to dry your clothes also. Guess she doesn't have to worry about that load. Good she and the children escaped and no one was injured.
Sep 1, 2010 3:53 PM
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adumbyankee wrote:
her kids are probably morons also
Sep 1, 2010 4:02 PM
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willie_from_penniless_park wrote:
dryer lint and vaseline makes for good fire starters when camping
Sep 1, 2010 4:18 PM
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RocLob wrote:
I am still amazed reading these type of stories. Almost want to condone testing IQ's and start segregating the people who do not understand the basic concepts of life such as cleaning lint filters, turning off stoves, blowing out candles, feeding animals, etc.......
Sep 1, 2010 4:54 PM
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FL Cracker wrote:
I'll bet that 70 percent of dryer vent pipes are clogged with lint. it's a wonder more don't catch fire. people clean the filter by the dryer door, but don't even think about the vent pipe thing from the back of the dryer. who cleans that out? hardly anyone.
Sep 1, 2010 5:41 PM
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itsallpoo wrote:
Dryer lint is great for starting camp fires..but what's the vaseline for? I thought you put that on the door knobs when mommy and daddy are in the bedroom making the next addition to the family. Ducts should be cleaned occasionally, always stupid to run the dryer with no lint trap but you'd be amazed how many do. Kinda surprised I haven't had a problem yet since my vent tube doesn't go straight outside it snakes around the wall then outside. Just not something you think about until it happens to you I suppose.
Sep 1, 2010 5:45 PM
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Fugilebrity wrote:
$60k damage? Looking at the house at that address on Google maps, it would be a total loss, plus burn down half the neighbor's house.
Sep 1, 2010 5:52 PM
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fish wrote:
LET ME GUESS.....4 kids, no husband and poor domestic skills....Home ownership 101 tells you to keep your dryer free of lint and to clean the vent out a couple times of year...I bet this woman makes out on this deal through her landlords insurance. Also gets a free hotel for her and her 4 rats through the red cross....
Sep 1, 2010 6:21 PM
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MentosMan727 wrote:
Sep 1, 2010 6:29 PM
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palinsbackporch wrote:
oooohhh they needs to call DELINTS it's a FIREPIG business run out of property that was code-enforced out from under the owner. Like most firefighter owned property. Coerced one way or another. Why doesn't it bother you people how much they OWN???
Sep 2, 2010 10:54 AM
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palinsbackporch wrote:
kimmy, by that same toke fireman spence roberts pours accelerants into hood vents for kitchen ranges. Next time you use your hood vent; WHOOSH flames shooting from the roof. So ... think of what one of these animals could cram in there to start a fire. It's just not within the realm of reality ..... someone helped it. Unfortunately there IS NO ARSON investigation in tampa florida which is why the firemen were shot by d'arcangelo. They were burning down peoples' houses. Ask around. They've just gotten worse. Google d'arcangelo. he wasn't a disgruntled ex-employee. He shot them because they would not stop burning down houses. I know the survivor.
Sep 2, 2010 10:57 AM

The Thing about White TRASH

They are like the other woman.


Despite obvious indicators of : It SCREAMS IT when you walk by. LOL

Gurlz, you is nasty white trash.

Everbody BUT you ... knows it.

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For other uses, see White trash (disambiguation).
White trash or poor white trash is an American English pejorative term referring to poor white people in the United States, suggesting lower social class and degraded living standards. The term suggests outcasts from respectable society living on the fringes of the social order who are seen as dangerous because they may be criminal, unpredictable, and without respect for authority whether it be political, legal, or moral.[1] It is usually used, especially by blacks,[2] as a slur, but may also be used self-referentially by whites of higher socio-economic status to jokingly describe their origins.[3] In common usage it is similar in meaning to cracker (especially in Georgia and Florida), hillbilly (especially in Appalachia) and redneck.[4] "Redneck" applied originally to politically active poor white Southern farmers and by extension is today used to denigrate Southern conservatives.[5]

Tampa Fire HOODS Psycho Terrorists

like this guy only they're not in prison yet.

Stalkers: The Psychological Terrorist
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Courtroom footage is available for this story for license and/or purchase from the IN SESSION archives – click here.
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Smaller Larger
By Katherine Ramsland
Mr Hyde
Stalking is not limited to star struck admirers. Thomas McCarthy, 43, was a fireman, husband, and father of two children. His friends and coworkers liked him, but he had a terrible dark side that no one suspected. He had violent obsessive fantasies that compelled him to follow adult women of all ages, learn everything he could about them, keep lists, and sometimes act on his fantasies. He might watch a woman sign a check in a store and catch a glimpse of her address; he might go through her mail or garbage to get a phone number. He had all kinds of ways to get the information he needed to feed his fantasies about what he might do to a particular woman and how he might accomplish it.
After he was caught breaking into the home of Peggy Kilroy in Lakewood, Ohio, according to the arresting officers interviewed for "Inside a Stalker's Mind", McCarthy told police he had stalked around 2,400 women. He had elaborate codes for what his target women looked like, and he might follow them for months, watching through their windows, learning their routes and routines, and even reading their records in doctors' offices where he cleaned aquariums after hours. What he wanted to do, he admitted later, was rape them, torture them, and cause them pain. One actual victim whose home he entered he subjected to bondage and a stun gun, another to the cut wires of an electrical fan. Although he went through several years of therapy and had even tried a drug that was supposed to diminish violent urges, nothing seemed to work. His fantasies and stalking behavior escalated.
Then in 1997, he spotted Peggy Kilroy in a supermarket and followed her home. He decided to break in one evening and rape her, but instead he encountered her brother, Brian, who subdued him and called the police. When he pleaded guilty to breaking and entering, he agreed to describe everything that he'd done and his detailed confession went on for two days. The detectives were stunned to realize the number of women that McCarthy had followed without any of them being aware of his activities. They had to wonder how many other women might be in the same predicament with as-yet-undiscovered stalkers like McCarthy.

Dr. Phillip Resnick
In fact, says Dr. Phillip Resnick of Case Western Reserve University, one in 12 women is stalked at some point in her life -- and men do not always do the stalking.

Stalking Tampa FIRE PIGS and cocksuckers


They apparently, in their little pinhead minds, believe this to be the derring DO of like ... FEAR FACTOR.

What smoking assholes. One hopes they're getting their firefighter-organized crack and meth runs out of the way while they're at it. Doubtful they think that far ahead.... most of them appear to be on steroids.. REALLLLY bad thought processing

We neglected this activity for a long time ... they lie in wait. Like fat ass scott gonzalez. Him and one of his big hairy-ass ugly friends.

It's a fuck-ugly club from what I can see. You have to be beat almost to fucking DEATH with an ugly stick in order to join. That or spread your legs and be a low-life whore for the likes of a murdering, sleezy, scummy stalking, child-molesting tampa fireman.

Both these guys should have made the cut a long time ago. And piper fire should have the fbi right up their ass.

But considering they're ALL RELATED down there in alphabet land ...

This idiot angled in and almost wrecked himself to get in front of us this morning... an idiot WITH A GUN notice his way cool hunting sticker. Impressive. The bigger the gun the smaller the cock I think is how that works.

Definitely TRUE with truck, isn't that right scawtee??? You and your big rig buddy? Must have a lil wee weenie like you ..... soon as you got done were you off giving him head ?? That's what I heard. I heard you go down like a fucking whore.

Anyway ... oh I almost forgot.. if you enlarge the picture you can catch where the stupid pig was caught weaving in and out of our lane... faggin pussy probably getting head from scawtee firefighter/murderer.

That firepig above Ya7lz was behind the wigington fire you name it we'll burn it down truck ... which also likes to hang out with me at publix (hey martin, how's your CAREER IN MY HANDS going??? you shiney fat thug) ... you get where you can smell 'em. I'm the crazy one but they lie in wait and hop in the trucks that YOU BUY FOR THEM WITH YOUR HARD-EARNED TAX DOLLARS to follow my family and I around town...

this guy shoved behind us on the interstate until we pulled over and then roared by.

I've seen both these guys way too many times. Fuck em.

They don't like it that the arsons are hitting close to home but they just don't stop.

You guys emasculate yourselves EVERY DAY in EVERY WAY. There's not a man among you.


Stalking children.

You're such pussies you should sell yourselves for ten bucks a pop like the keler whores.

speaking of which... MAN that BITCH IS OLD, keller. LOL

Blanks and Charges

Okay, tell me if this sounds mercenary. I'm leaving out names and identities for now, and even some words to protect those who frankly don't deserve protection but having never been a RAT (like some) I just don't feel good about spilling people's filthy sides of their lives onto the WWW...

However -- (you knew this was coming, right??) -- I'm willing to disclose same for a fee. In fact, I'm going to disclose some of this in a book which will definitely be for sale very soon but if you'd like to know if your name or some similar aspect that identifies your smarmy and illegal acts towards me and my family have been mentioned I'd be happy to negotiate a fee with you. For the record, save your pennies if I've known you longer than thirty years. Out of respect for you and your family I'll leave your names out. Out of respect for you and your family I have remained silent. Apparently this same respect was not inbred in you. That's a pity but you and yours are safe with me. The ones who took it upon themselves to do your bidding against an innocent family are wide open just like they've left MY family wide open. Herewith I refer to my extended family and network many of whom are currently suffering at your hands. Be on notice.

Bush McCain Huggy Bears 2008

Bush McCain Huggy Bears 2008
Blast Off's Huggy Bear Pic Challenge

A Nation in DISTRESS

A Nation in DISTRESS


In my living room watching;
but I am not laughing ....

..... risk something, take back what's yours
say something that you know they might attack you for
cause I'm sick of being treated like I have before ....
Meanwhile, the leader just talks away
Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay
And the rest of the world watching at the end of the day

In their living room laughing like,

"what did he say?"

Fight the Good Fight

" .... courage is humankind's cardinal virtue, because ''it makes all other virtues possible."
Reverend William Sloane Coffin

......" And I dare you to ask for a lot, I dare you to hold fast to your ideals and to expound them as publicly and as fearlessly as Martin Luther King and Bill Coffin and Betty Friedan and those dozens of grandmothers arrested a few weeks ago for protesting the war in Iraq."

Francine du Plessix Gray


MainSTREAMMedia=Bush Propaganda Machine

vox dictionary
Never Mistake Kindness for Weakness
I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires. Kahlil Gibran
Every man dies.

Not every man really lives.

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends...... Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Contrary to popular belief:

Patience is NOT a virtue.

It is concentrated strength.
"The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service."

- Albert Einstein
"Only those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly" – Robert Kennedy
"Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation…want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters…. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." Frederick Douglass, 1857
Tis nobler to lose honor to save the lives of men than it is to gain honor by taking them.

~David Borenstein

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~David Cross

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Fight Child Protective Services False Accusations

Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations

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